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Crazy Killer Cannibal Girls: London’s Last Horror on the Left

Now here’s a sanguinary little film. Crazy Killer Cannibal Girls delivers almost exactly as the title promises — two crazy killer cannibal girls, a blood-soaked trip to downtown London, and the ending twist that punctuates good horror. 

CKCG is a real genre movie, a film maker’s film. It pays homage to the genre and hits horror tropes without coming across self-important. But it’s also much more than an off-the-wall achievement — CKCG is well-made, well-written, and honestly, a lot of fun. 

The movie follows its titular crazed cannibal girls as they ponder a night out in downtown London. The two beautiful and decidedly sinister ladies discuss where they might eat after a night on the town. We’ve all been there. The pair decide on the familiar-looking restaurant Moxxi’s Lawrence’s. They find the place empty, save for some disgruntled employees and a lonely gentleman at the bar. He goes by Walter and is described by our protagonists as, amongst other things, marbled. Hearing the pair describe Walter like a cut of meat is bizarrely both whimsical and rather unsettling.

After some humorous dialogue and thinly-veiled hints about how our cannibals would, um, enjoy their new acquaintance, CKCG takes a twist, leaving the upholstery of Lawrence’s in dire need of a deep clean. But perhaps that last part isn’t so surprising. 

Somewhat gratuitous gore aside, Cannibal Holocaust this is not; CKCG is a lighthearted yet clever and fun film. It acknowledges horror tropes without overstepping, and it conveys horror without truly unsettling evil. 

Crazy Killer Cannibal Girls is screening alongside another cult horror jewel Devil Seed on at the Good Foundation Theatre, Fanshawe College, Downtown Campus. Buy tickets here!

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This post was originally published at forestcityfilmfest.ca and written by Will Sharpe.