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A Nightmare on Dundas Street: FCFF 2019’s Horror Collection

In the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, we at the FCFF have complied our spookiest films and wrapped them up in this nice little blog. To help put you in the Hallowe’en mood, this year’s festival brings everything from short slashers to feature-length productions involving demons and other various horrors. We suggest you bring a friend.

 In case you missed our fantastically-flawless Facebook Livestream, here’s a rundown of this year’s horror films:


The title of this film tells you almost exactly what you’re going to get: two crazy killer cannibal girls that treat men like pieces of meat — literally — and a blood-soaked trip to downtown London.  

CKCG is a very localized film, and you’ll spot some familiar scenery as our titular cannibals decide on a place to dine.

For a more in-depth review of Crazy Killer Cannibal Girls click here.

Crazy Killer Cannibal Girls is screening at the Good Foundation Theatre, Fanshawe College, Downtown Campus. Buy tickets here!


Screening alongside Crazy Killer Cannibal Girls at the Good Foundation Theatreis Devil Seed, another hyper-local film. If you manage to looks past the film’s frightening subject matter — and good look with that one — you’ll notice a distinctly London flavor to the film’s mise-en-scene.

And now for a brief synopsis: After visiting a psychic, college student Alex wakes up with no memory of what happened. As strange and terrifying things begin to happen, Alex loses control of the devil inside. Things turn very deadly very quickly, and her friends battle to stop a supernatural entity from transforming Alex’s body into a gateway to our world. This one is not for the faint of heart.

Devil Seed is screening on October 26 at 7:00 pm. Buy tickets here!


Now here’s a charming little film. The Candlelight Witch is a story about a story — three siblings retell the legend of the Candlelight Witch during a blackout. It proves to be a dangerous endeavor.  

The Candlelight Witch features some fantastic performances, with London native Connor Kalopsis playing a leading role.

The Candlelight Witch is screening Friday, October 25, at 3:00 pm and Saturday, October 26, at 3:00 pm!


I’ll admit it — Midnight Marathon is a little different from the other films on this list. You’ll find this one a little less sanguinary than Crazy Killer Cannibal Girls or Devil Seed, and there are certainly no witches, but it’s scary in its own way.  

When an unknown celestial event entrances the entire world, a young boy must face this strange new world without the comforting presence of his parents. Midnight Marathon has a distinctly Stranger Things vibe with its nostalgic 1980s setting, and a Twilight Zone approach to eliciting fear. If you want to leave the theatre with an uneasy feeling, but don’t want to wade through some of our bloodier titles, this is the film for you.

Catch the Midnight Marathon on Saturday, October 26, at 12:30 pm!

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This post was originally published at forestcityfilmfest.ca and written by Will Sharpe.