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Canada’s Top Industry Professionals Are Your Mentors!

Are you an aspiring filmmaker looking to get your foot in the door? Do you have an idea or script for your next film, but not sure who to pitch it to? Are you an experienced filmmaker in need of resources or connections to start your next project?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this session is perfect for you!

Through this session, you will get the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with some of Canada’s top industry professionals, all coming from different sectors of the filmmaking industry. You will choose 4 experts to each spend 15 minutes with, and each expert will have a maximum of 4 guests at their “Virtual Table.”  These small numbers will allow everyone to have a chance to ask their questions and receive personalised advice.

The experts you can choose from include ???????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????’s Client Service Coordinator, ???????????????? ????????????????????; ????????????’s Executive in Charge of Production, ???????????????????? ????????????????????????; documentary filmmaker and executive producer, ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????????; film programmer and Festival Manager for ???????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????? ????????????????????????; and Film Development Consultant for ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????????????????? ????????????????????.


Through his work at ???????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????? ???????????????????? has helped new talent learn industry procedures and develop the best plan for maximizing the success of their projects. Jeffs’ short film, ???????????? ????????????????, was named the ???????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? by ???????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????, and he made his directorial debut with the film, It’s All In Your Head. This debut film premiered at the 2016 Horror Channel Fright Fest, and it continues to be played on the worldwide festival circuit. He has also written and produced short films that have been broadcast, released theatrically, and are available on ????????????????????????. From information on equipment rental to strategic planning for a production, Jeffs will have all the answers you need.

???????????????????? ???????????????????????? has over nine years of experience working at ????????????, and she currently oversees production and development of short and mid-length series for ???????????? ????????????. As the key point of contact for comedy and drama submissions, Paige actively looks for new talent and projects, and evaluates series pitches to fulfill CBC’s programming needs. She is also the programmer for ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????, the longest-running Canadian short film showcase on national broadcast television, and she sits on the board of ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, the only festival in Canada devoted exclusively to showcasing short films made by emerging women and non-binary directors. Her diverse knowledge on what sells in the industry, from film festivals to CBC programming, will make her advice invaluable to any aspiring filmmaker.

???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? is a Director, Writer and Producer, with 25 years of experience in content creation, production and management. He has worked as a journalist at ???????????? and ???????????? for over a decade, and his company Ballinran Entertainment, marks its 25th anniversary in 2020.

Craig is an expert in film and television production management, event management, financing, and business consulting in the media industry. He founded ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????????????, and he is an experienced educator committed to inspiring the next generation of media professionals.

Besides his wealth of knowledge in producing and educating, Craig can also share some tips on how to adapt your filmmaking process to the changing production landscape that has resulted from COVID-19. When the pandemic hit, Craig and his team team smuggled a camera into the epicentre of the coronavirus to produce the ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????. It premiered on ????????????’???? ???????? in March and has generated more than one million viewers since then. As if being an innovative and worldwide documentary filmmaker wasn’t impressive enough, Craig’s credits include the ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, and ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????????, which streams worldwide on ???????????????????????????? and is starring ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? and Stephen Hawking.

???????????????? ???????????????????????? is a producer, festival strategist, and the founder of ???????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????, a film consulting and PR firm. Kirk’s contribution to the international film community spans over 17 years with experience in the global arts and entertainment industry that he can share with you. Kirk has created film programming for festivals such as ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????? ???????????? (????????????????) ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????, and ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????. In addition to being an expert in Film Programming, his other strengths are Communications, Professional Development, and Project Management for Film. With this vast expanse of knowledge on everything related to film festivals, he is your go to guy for anything advice you need about this sector of the industry.

Lastly, ???????????????????? ???????????????????? brings over 20 years’ of industry experience to the administration and development of programs and strategies which drive innovation and growth in Ontario’s creative industries. Through her role at ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? (???????????????????????????????? ????????????????), she supports Ontario’s creative economy by providing innovative programs, as well as services and funding for the film & television; book & magazine publishing; and interactive digital media & music industries. Her portfolio includes the Film Fund, Industry Development, and the Marketing and Distribution Initiative. If you are looking for some guidance on how to fund your next project, or if you want to contribute to Ontario’s creative industry, then Kelly will definitely have some insight for you.

Regardless of which expert you choose, you will be getting advice and an engaging conversation with some of Canada’s most experienced and accredited filmmakers. Whether you are looking for information about grants, documentary filmmaking, festival programming, TV production or just more knowledge on the industry, these casual mentoring sessions will be incredibly valuable to anyone in the industry.

Since these sessions will be small, there are limited tickets available so make sure you get them before they sell out!

Event: Mentoring: Chat with Experts

Date: Saturday, the 24th of October, 2020

Time: 8:30 -10:00 am

Ticket Link: https://watch.eventive.org/fcffindustry/play/5f21c0aeca7efa0076ad73bb