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How to Attend FCFF 2021

By Gallus McIntyre

Cinephiles from Southwestern Ontario and around the world, welcome once again to the Forest City Film Festival. Despite the challenges brought about by the ongoing pandemic, the team at FCFF has succeeded in bringing you a Hybrid Festival. So if you would like to attend the films and events in person or online, both are available to suit your preference.

Your safety is our top priority, so many protocols have been put in place to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 so that you need not worry in the case you choose to visit us in person including social distancing in the theatres, extensive cleaning protocols, and the availability of hand sanitizer across our venue. Furthermore, access to an FCFF venue will only be allowed upon proof of either being double vaccinated, or by having proof of a negative Covid test result within the last 48 hours. In addition to this mandate, anyone attending the event will be required to wear a mask at all times. If you’d like more information about our Covid-19 policies, visit our website at fcff.ca/covid-19.

With new Covid-19 cases still present, we understand that not everyone will be able or comfortable to attend the festival in-person this year. With this in mind, we will be offering all of our films virtually on demand after the in-person festival! Everyone across Canada will enjoy our fantastic selection of films from the comfort of their homes!

This year, there will be 95 films showing, all of which bearing some sort of connection to the beautiful and talent-filled Southwestern Ontario. This year is especially exciting as we have introduced our brand new experimental films category, and trust me, it is not something to be missed. The films in this category have stretched the limits of what film is itself, as a collection of audio and visual content. These films are unconventional and extremely inventive, and they are must-sees for anyone looking to be inspired and enlightened. If you are looking for more information on experimental films, be sure to find our blog post “What is an Experimental Film” that will soon be found at our website.

In-person screenings will be held in downtown London, Ontario from October 19th-24th, and virtual on demand screenings will be held from October 25th-30th.

In-person tickets are on sale now at https://forest-city-film-festival.myshopify.com/, while On Demand tickets will go live on October 1! We hope to see you there!