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For media requests, contact:  Zahra Habib (Media Coordinator) – zahra.habib4@gmail.com or 438.824.1827


Saturday, October 16th
Sunday, October 17th
Tuesday, October 19th
Wednesday, October 20th

Thursday, October 21st
Friday, October 22nd
Saturday, October 23rd

Music Video Night

Program #20: The Kid Detective, with First Love

Program #19: Experimental Film Bundle

Program #18: A.rtificial I.mmortality, with Moore’s Void

Case Study: Beans

Program #17: Indigenous Program: Shorts Bundle

Schitt Sound: A Masterclass in Sound

Program #16: Open Your Eyes, with When Shadows Dance at Night

Program #15: Between Waves, with Paris, Ontario 

Mix & Mingle Party at Che Restobar

Media Buyers Panel: What Are We Looking For?

Program #13: Indigenous Program: Beans

Volumetric Video Capture

Diverse Voices Through an Authentic Lens

Forest City Youth Film Festival

Program #11: Mappe Of: The Isle of Ailynn

Program #9: Experimental Film Bundle

Behind the Scenes with Emma Donoghue

Program #6: Shorts Bundle: Relationships

Opening Night: Trigger Point, with My Soul to Take

Program #3: Shorts Bundle – Things People Do

Program #2: Cluster B Quadrilogy, with Make Believe

Program #1: Terry’s Car Gets Stolen, with Vinyl

Behind the Scenes with Colm Feore

Background Performers Casting Call