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Join us tonight to watch Scarborough!

Join us tonight to watch Scarborough! 1152 656 Forest City Film Festival

Join us for an evening filled with wonder as we present a mesmerizing production based on the award-winning novel by Catherine Hernandez, Scarborough

The film explores the importance of community, the challenges that communities can confront, and the importance of valuing togetherness to overcome oppression and struggle. It acknowledges differences, speaking to children who are often neglected due to their uniqueness while begging the question: how can beauty hold value if difference doesn’t exist?

While producing a documentary-style picture amidst a pandemic brought about countless challenges, the cast and crew’s resilience and perseverance were fueled by the belief that Scarborough was more than just a story. It is proof of what a dedicated, passionate, and driven community can accomplish and how much of an impact they can have on the large, highly diverse community of children in Canada. The journey behind creating such a plausible film reflected the journey within the film’s narrative, proving that the need for a supportive community is crucial for any task one hopes to accomplish in life. The creation of such a plausible film reflected the film’s narrative, proving that a supportive community is vital for an individual’s success. 

With a widely diverse cast of over 40 speaking roles, Scarborough celebrates diversity and inclusivity. This film is heavily based on the author’s authentic experiences, which provide a more intimate perspective on the challenges and obstacles discussed in the film. Scarborough‘s directors, Shasha Nakhai and Rich Williamson have done a tremendous job at bringing sensitive topics to the screen in a compassionate yet raw manner. This is showcased through the development of Johnny, who in the film exhibits Autism Spectrum Disorder and was coached by a behavioural therapist to ensure accuracy. All you have to do is sit back and immerse yourself into the film’s world because all topics emphasized are handled with the utmost care and are intended to raise awareness for the challenges countless individuals face alone. 

Scarborough, starring Liam Diaz, Essence Fox, Anna Claire Beitel, and Felix Jedi Ingram Isaac, which has been awarded the 1st runner-up for the Tiff21 People’s choice, examines the lives of three children growing up amidst a dysfunctional system in Toronto. If you have not seen this masterpiece, you are in for an enthralling 136 minutes! On Tuesday, June 14th at 8:30 pm, join us for an unforgettable evening at Market Lane in downtown London. Tickets are donations, so don’t miss out, and tell your friends and family!     

You can learn more about the FCFF Scarborough screening by visiting our website at  https://scarborough-fcff-film-club.eventbrite.com/ and watch the Scarborough film trailer here! https://youtu.be/5mX1SKWuQg0