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Micro Meetings: Three in One

Micro Meetings: Three in One 1920 1080 Forest City Film Festival

By Taylor Westbury

The Micro Meetings include multiple sessions wrapped into one. This year you can have it all with three seminars all loaded into one powerful package – You don’t to have to choose. One, two or all three may interest you. You are welcome to pop in and out as you please!

OSCC 2022 Micro Meetings

Each of the three topics are unique 30 minute meetings (Except the Vortex 101, that’s an hour long!) all held in one place over the span of 2 hours. These will allow you to engage in different conversations between both experts and peers on hot topics taking the film industry by storm.

1. Tax Credits: What are they and how do they work?

Learn about the intricacies of tax credits with one of the top professionals in Canada that supports passionate creators with their business and compliance elements to ensure successful production experiences. A must see seminar for understanding the FUNDamentals of production. This Micro Meeting would be perfectly paired with our alternative seminars regarding film finance, both Come Get Your Money and Media Buyers panel.

2. Green Screen

As the number of film and television productions grow, so does the industry’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. The Ontario Green Screen Initiative, powered by Ontario Creates, is the province’s plan for reducing carbon emissions, decreasing waste, and bolstering environmentally sustainable education and production. Through ambassadorship and training opportunities, Ontario Green Screen offers resources to that will make lasting change in the industry and empower individuals, production companies, communities, and studios to make sustainable choices. Chris Dunn from Ontario Creates speaks on the economic and environmental importance of sustainability, its impacts on the film industry, and how you too can go green!

3. Vortex 101

Here comes Vortex Productions! The award-winning team dedicated to developing and producing a diverse slate of features & made for TV movies, are coming to London and they want you to be a part of their next production! Vortex Productions wants to bring their films to London and they want to hire local talent and crew (Hey, that’s you!). Come on out and hear about their plans, and find out how you can get onto their next production!

CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets, three seminars for the price of one! OSSC 2022 Micro Meetings will be taking place at RBC Place at 2:30pm, Saturday, October 22nd.

Don’t forget to check out our Weekend Pass if more than one of these sessions interests you.

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