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The Production Of A Successful Career In Filmmaking: The Official 2023 OSCC Call Sheet

The Production Of A Successful Career In Filmmaking: The Official 2023 OSCC Call Sheet 1920 1080 Forest City Film Festival

The OSCC welcomes you all back and to our new participants we are so happy to have you – presented in congruence with The Forest City Film Festival, OSCC is gives you a survival guide outlining all the OSCC event times and what you can expect, so you can prepare to jump into your action packed weekend!

Friday October 20

You’ve been Greenlit, Now What? 10:30am

Come join us for a session outlining the next steps to bringing your creative vision to life! We are joined by expert panelists from various backgrounds in order to give you a well balanced perspective for producing a plan for your next projects. 

Figuring Out Film Unions and Representation 12:30pm

Perfectly timed after our greenlit session, we have amazing representatives and experts to talk all about film unions and representation. This is a crucial part of the industry and protecting yourself and your projects can be used to gain new opportunities and certifications. Join us to have a thorough understanding of the roles and unique organizations of unions in Ontario.

Short Film Pitch 2:30pm

Welcome to the first pitch competition of the OSCC weekend! We kick the pitch trilogy off right with our short film competition. Join us in participating or witnessing the next great work from upcoming and/or veteran artists!

Screen Creatives Networking Party 4:30pm

Cheers to another weekend first, the Screen Creatives Networking Party! Come mingle and munch with other industry folk; feel free to chat with our panelists and your creative peers or just come for a good time with good company!

Saturday October 21

Breakfast Mentoring 8:30am

Coffee or Tea with a side of knowledge, anyone? Get more than a caffeine kick with our Breakfast Network, why don’t we kickstart those careers?! This is a perfect event to get specific questions about unique areas of the industry answered from a successful mentor. Everyone is welcome, we want to see filmmakers from every stage in their career out here!

Come get your money: Creative Ways to bring your project to life 10:30am

It’s time for some cash concentrated conversation! This session wants to get a close up on one of the industries most FUNDamental areas of knowledge. You may have a wealth of ideas but this conversation will help you raise them into tangible projects.

Ontario Screenwriters to Watch 1:00pm

Movers and shakers welcome! Join us at our new panel this year looking to create dialogue between upcoming screenwrite and our industry audience. Whether you are new to the scene or an experienced filmmaker this panel is designed to talk about the forward movement of our industry. 

Making Of… The Boy In The Woods 2:00pm

Meet the production team behind the moving drama The Boy in the Woods. We have an in depth conversation about how to make a meaningful production with such sensitive experiences and an unarguably difficult moment of history. This session is four hours before the screening of the drama at 6pm We invite you to attend both to see the concepts discussed in the session unfold before you firsthand.

Web Series Pitch 3:00pm

It is our first time hosting this web pitch competition, but we are sure it’ll get great reception! Come connect with filmmakers exploring this crucial and growing space within industry. Spectate to gain understanding of what it takes to create and pitch a web series OR come out and do it yourself! 

Film London Locations Happy Hour 4:30pm

Our networking events always make us HAPPY so this hour we’ll be smiling from cheek to cheek. This is one Saturday night out you don’t want to forget! Join us at our last networking event of the weekend, meet new friends and connect with old ones!

Sunday October 22

Shifting Landscapes: Bill C-11 and U.S Strikes Impact on Canadian Independent Producers 10:30am

Regulations and repercussions; this session is moving us towards new understandings and how to navigate the industry. We will examine current realities and the impact our industry is experiencing today. Hear from our panelists and your peers in a safe space to discuss the ins and outs of Canadian filmmaking within the current climate

Landing Your Documentary Audience 11:30am

Documentary dreamers and doers come join us for a session specifically designed for you! This session outlines how to hone in on your audience AND how to reach them; from broadcasting and distribution financing we explore more than just audience attention! We have four documentaries playing today at the FCFF so make sure to check them out before and after this session! 

Diversity and Inclusion Panel 1:30pm

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend this session where our panelists discuss the meaning and motions of diversity as well as inclusion in film. Bring your thoughts or listen and learn; this event is about creating an understanding and uplifting all creatives. 

Feature Film Pitch 3:00pm

The long awaited Feature Pitch will be ending our festival off! We merge the OSCC back with the FCFF for the closing ceremonies, where the grand pitch prize is awarded to the winner of Canada’s largest pitch competition. Do not miss out on witnessing first hand the pitching process and gain new connections with ambitious filmmakers. 

We can’t wait to see everyone at these events! Use this blog as your guide when planning between enriching OSCC events and the amazing works featured in FCFF. You don’t have to choose between events either; if you buy three OSCC tickets you are eligible for the $72 bundle valued at $90! See you all there!