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We Love A Good Dialogue: Making Connections At The OSCC

Get ready for some mixing with experts and mastering your skills at this year’s events tailored for networking! A great way to transition your days into evening. Our networking events are designed for you to get you access to insider knowledge in an environment completely unique to our daytime sessions with the convenience of proximity to our earlier sessions. Check out the itinerary below to find the best events for you!

Oct 20th, 4:30 PM at Doubletree by Hilton Hotel – Hilton Grand Ballroom
The Screen Creatives Networking Party is a great way to get the weekend rolling as you meet your peers and experts for the weekend. This event is an open call to chat with our panelist in a relaxed environment without the confines of a themed session. Yourself and other passionate industry members are able to mingle prior to the following two days filled with information packed sessions, so take this opportunity to get to know other inspired filmmakers.

8:30 AM at Doubletree by Hilton Hotel – Blake’s Bistro & Bar
Blake’s is the new Tiffany’s! Come have breakfast at Blake’s Bistro & Bar in the DoubleTree by Hilton for our Breakfast Mentoring event. Coffee and conversation is constantly flowing at this popular networking event! Yourself and a small group of your peers will have access to conversations with experts from all walks of the industry; from individual producers to CBC. Start your Saturday off right with three priceless sessions with experts of your choice!

Oct 21st 4:30 PM at Doubletree by Hilton Hotel – Hilton Grand Ballroom
Join us at our epilogue of the OSCC networking journey; Film London Locations Happy Hour. Put all your newfound knowledge to use and engage in meaningful conversations with all your new industry connections. As the OSCC weekend comes to a close the next day, make steps for your future projects and look at what this event has to offer you moving forwards. Check out possible locations for your next project or meet your lead actor!

We cannot wait to see everyone out there with us, no matter what your style is we’ve got a networking event tailored to you! If you want something relaxed and open you should check out our Networking Party or Happy Hour. If you’re more into structure and an early start feel free to join us at Breakfast Mentoring. If you like them all, the good news is you don’t have to choose; if you buy three OSCC tickets you are eligible for the $75 bundle valued at $90.