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Author: Forest City Film Festival

Film Club 2023

Watch great films under the stars of downtown London! Film Club features films with connections to SWO, films from TIFF, and films we think Southwestern

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Supporter Spotlight: Old Oak Properties

One of the longest-running supporters of the film festival, Old Oak has been a sponsor since the first event in 2016. As the presenters of the coveted Old Oak Audience Choice Award, the company holds a special place in the hearts of the Forest City Film Festival and its featured filmmakers.

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The Art of Filming in Black and White

hen photography and cinematography first started out everything was monochrome. The reason why we started out with monochromatic pictures and films was because cameras and development technology could not take in hue but could only pick up the different light levels, or luminance, of a scene. Now, monochromatic film is used as part of an aesthetic and style; It adds to the story and scenery of the film making them feel serious or nostalgic and even scary

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How to Attend the Ontario Screen Creators Conference

The Forest City Film Festival welcomes you to the first ever Ontario Screen Creators Conference from October 22nd to 24th! With new COVID-19 cases still present, we understand that not everyone will be able or comfortable to attend the conference in-person this year. With this in mind, we will be offering hybrid seminars and select seminars online and in person!

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The Art of Documentary Design

Documentary Design is the combination of many artistic choices that determine the visual aspects of a documentary, like the cinematography and graphics of the film to aid the filmmaker’s storytelling.

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How to Attend FCFF 2021

By Gallus McIntyre Cinephiles from Southwestern Ontario and around the world, welcome once again to the Forest City Film Festival. Despite the challenges brought about

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