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Category: Staff Picks

Go behind the scenes with Colm Feore

This Sunday October 17th, coming to the Ontario Screen Creators Conference to kick start its first ever year, is Colm Feore. The OSSC is offering a Behind the Scenes chat with internationally recognized Canadian actor Colm Feore, where attendees will get a sneak peak into the film and theatre industry through the eyes of a seasoned professional.

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The Art of Filming in Black and White

hen photography and cinematography first started out everything was monochrome. The reason why we started out with monochromatic pictures and films was because cameras and development technology could not take in hue but could only pick up the different light levels, or luminance, of a scene. Now, monochromatic film is used as part of an aesthetic and style; It adds to the story and scenery of the film making them feel serious or nostalgic and even scary

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Oscars Roundup

It’s Late-April 2021 and we’re just about done with 2020’s Oscars. Wait, that’s still going on? Isn’t that usually in February? There were movies released

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50 best films of the 2010s – Part three

Welcome to the third day of our countdown of the 50 best films of the 2010s. Once again, all of these films are unique to this list and have not been on any of our previous lists. This list ranges from Box Office Smash hits, to Indie Best Picture winners, and pretty much everything in between. Here is our list from 30-21 of the best films of the 2010s.

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50 best films of the 2010s – Part Two

Welcome to the second day of our countdown of the 50 best films of the past decade. As a reminder, none of the films named here will have been on any of our previous lists. We’re saving our favorites for last! Without further ado, here are 10 more of our favorites, counting down from 40-31.

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50 best films of the 2010s – Part one

Here we are, a lot of lists and we’re getting close to the end. Just as a note here, when making these lists, we made a rule in order to make sure we could give as many recommendations as possible. All of the films can only show up on one list, which means that from 50-1, these are all films that we have not yet talked about. Today is the first day of our top 50 countdown, so without further ado, here are our favorite films of the decade, from 50-41.

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