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Broken Waters



Karolyne Natasha captured the intensity of career, passion, and morality in Broken Waters. The narrative follows Dr. Marguerite Lafontaine, a psychiatrist who embraces talk therapy and avoids pharmaceutical solutions whenever possible. Young and ambitious, Dr. Lafontaine navigates the struggles of a new workplace, coworkers who do not agree with her methods, and balancing her family with her career. Set in Ottawa in 1983, Natasha brilliantly captures the turmoil of the young doctor across her professional and personal life and how one patient can radically alter carefully laid plans.

Broken Waters beautifully captures the complexity of female trauma and healing. Paralleling the relationship between doctor and patient to emphasize the importance of process and trust creates a feeling of anticipation as the audience experiences the unravelling of deep-rooted trauma. When Dr. Lafontaine takes on Isabelle, a new patient admitted after a series of failed kidnappings, she sees an opportunity in the tortured woman to discover the root of Isabelle’s delusion and justify her belief that psychotherapy is equally as beneficial as pharmaceutical treatments.


DIRECTOR(S)Karolyne Natasha
SCREENWRITER(S)Marie-The Morin, Louis Lemire, Karolyne Natasha
CASTValérie Descheneaux, Natalie Tannous, Marie-Hélène Fontaine


RUN TIME: 98 Minutes