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One Love

Viewers are given a glimpse into Lauren’s internal dialogue represented through a visual dissociation of self as they find themselves drowning in society’s pressures to conform. Fashion has historically been the platform of self-expression, creativity, and the exploration of gender identity and body image. We are brought to Lauren experimenting and navigating their way through the various sustainable and circular design fashions.
As Lauren begins to identify with the gender-neutral collections their sense of self and identity becomes more clear. “One Love” is the filmmakers’ attempt to show  allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community; yet also tell a true and honest story that inspires change in hopes that its audience will do their part in creating a more loving and harmonious future.
We are all human beings and beings created from our ultimate life source, water. One Love also strives to raise awareness and responsibility for the protection of our oceans and marine life through more ethical and sustainable fashion choices that protect our oceans from microfibers, wastewater, and fast fashion that negatively impacts marine and human life. This film was a Fanshawe College collaboration between programs in the creative Industry arts (Fashion, Film, Video effects and editing, TV broadcasting and Muisc industry arts).


DIRECTOR(S)Nahlia Loren Couto
PRODUCER(S)Nahlia Loren Couto
SCREENWRITER(S)Nahlia Loren Couto
CASTLauren Bailey (they/them)


RUN TIME: 9 Minutes