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Twilight Ride




Director Mitchell Brhelle’s feature directorial debut is a tense crime drama about fighting with and for family. Stunning juxtapositions between serene, picturesque farmland and disturbing and intense violence set the scene for this film.

In this film, Protagonist Derek Lacey learns of his brother’s disappearance and comes into town looking for him. When Derek is informed that his brother, Chris, is dead and that his death has been ruled a suicide, he doesn’t buy it. What follows is Derek going on a rampage to find out the truth and get revenge for his brother.

Derek Lacey as a character invites us to think about how family shapes how we are seen and how we see ourselves. Derek struggles with getting out from his family’s dark reputation, given everything that he has done to escape the curse of his family name, coming back to avenge his brother might cost him everything. Is it worth it?


DIRECTOR(S)Mitchell Brhelle
PRODUCER(S)Monika Meyer, Mitchell Brhelle, Matthew Hall, Norman Meyer, Millie Brhelle, Jerry Brhelle, Peter Antonakos, Jared Hutchison
SCREENWRITER(S)Mitchell Brhelle
CASTDrew Doyle, Adrian Parks, Bradley Gordon, Ivan Swan, Astrida Auza, Monika Meyer, Briar May


RUN TIME: 88 Minutes