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FCFF Alumni Documentary Project: Everything You Need to Know

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We’ve got a fantastic opportunity for alumni of the Forest City and Forest City Youth Film Festivals. 

You’re invited to apply for three different grants to make original short documentary films highlighting one of three large-scale projects happening in Elgin County and St. Thomas in the coming year. You’ll have access to an executive producer/mentor and publicity through our partnerships. Each winner will receive $8000 to produce a 10 to 15-minute film. 

Here are these large-scale projects, thanks to the St. Thomas Community Foundation: 

  • Project One – A Short Documentary of the ‘Track to the Future’ Mural Project: The ‘Track to the Future’ mural project is a new $250,000 undertaking that will involve high-profile artists transforming urban spaces in downtown St. Thomas throughout 2020 and 2021. There will also be a new park built in the area during this time. This film project can start as early as July 2020, and filmmakers will be able to work over the next 6 to 12 months to complete the documentary. This is an opportunity for young filmmakers to work with great visuals to tell the story of a small city attempting to re-define the look and feel of a downtown area.
  • Project Two – A Short Documentary of the ‘Art, Trees & Trails’ Project: The ‘Art, Trees & Trails’ project involves creating a film about a community-wide art project that will unfold over the next year, all coordinated by the St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre. Paintings from the permanent collection at the Art Centre will be selected carefully, and high-quality reproductions of these artworks will be put on signs and installed along trails and throughout certain parks in Elgin County and St. Thomas. Filmmakers will have the opportunity to tell this story from start-to-finish and highlight the artwork as well as local urban and rural landscapes. There will be lots of beautiful scenes to capture over a 6 to 12-month period. 
  • Project Three – A Short Documentary on the Construction of a New ‘Sustainable Stage.’ Funding has been provided to build a new ‘sustainable stage’ at Springwater Forest in Elgin County, one of the largest remaining tracts of old-growth forest in southern Ontario. Filmmakers will have the chance to tell the story of the forest, and how the stage is being built to match the surroundings. The structure will feature a green roof and other features that will minimize the impact on the natural environment, and the venue will be used for concerts, events and educational programming. This film project can commence in the fall and unfold over the following twelve months.

These are fantastic opportunities, and if any caught your eye, make sure you’re eligible to apply:  

  • Must be filmmakers from Southwestern Ontario that have previously, or are  currently, submitted to the Forest City Youth Film Festival and/or the Forest City Film Festival. 
  • Must currently be in secondary or post-secondary school or have graduated within the past two years. 

Interested and eligible? Awesome. Fill out this submission form by July 15, and we’ll announce the grant recipients by August 1.

Good luck!