Films available for (until November 1 at 11:59pm)
2021 Forest City Youth Film Festival

A great place to learn, create and grow, the Forest City Youth Film Festival works to nurture the development of young aspiring filmmakers. We celebrate, inspire, and promote the future storytellers of Ontario.

  • Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Experimental
  • Animation
  • Promotional Video
  • The Pitch
  • Music Video
Sinister Reflection Directed by Avery Mensah
But Sometimes I Do Directed by Emma Pitschner
The Angel in the Alleyway Directed by Mason Cline
Shoe Illusion Directed by Daniel Kime
Mon Amour Directed by Dexter Greene
We Are Still Here Directed by Dexter Greene
Knotted Directed by Sophia Slabon
The Christmas Spectacle Directed by Daniel Kime
Family Denied Directed by Eko Marechal
The Unviolent Truth of Gaming Directed by Max Kwiatkowski
WHERE IS MY MIND? Directed by Macy LeConte
A Field of Acne Beans Directed by Jocelyn Deng
Gossamer Directed by Ahmed Karyouti
Rotting Fruit Directed by Emma Pitschner
Buy-a-Friend Directed by Eesha Garg
Rude Awakening Directed by Armaan Krywiak
In The Ring Directed by Tak Wood
Escape from the Facility Directed by Liam Elliot
Graffiti Artist Directed by Anna Da Silva
BLUETONES Animation Studio Directed by Ella Doucette
Kraft Balsamic Vinaigrette Directed by Sakura Wood
Why CCH? Directed by Elizabeth Ielapi
Amber’s Studio London Directed by Hailey Herechuk
Blood Sisters Written by Olivia Munteanu
Time Cross Written by Sophia Slabon
Rock Bottom Written by Austin Osmond
The Deep Blue Sea Written by Aiden Manvell
If you touch me, I will explode Directed by Matthew Schultz
Light Directed by Amanda McConnell