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The OSCC Survival Guide For Filmmakers

Written by Taylor Westbury

The OSCC was founded through the aspirations of cultivating creativity and generating support for Ontario filmmakers within or entering the industry. This year, holding those values in mind, we have added new innovative panels all while holding on to our fan favourites, in hopes to bring together not just Ontario filmmakers but filmmakers across Canada!

Here is a list of all the sessions you DON’T want to miss if you are looking for insider information on the industry…

Financial Features

Come Get Your Money: New to the OSCC this year the panel offers a creative way for you to bring your latest projects to life; seasoned experts will give you all the ways to get your project up off the ground with out of the box thinking.

Media Buyers Panel: A fan favourite of the OSCC, we are welcoming back Bell, CBC, and Corus to conversations regarding what content they are looking for; plus tips to move your own project forward.

Navigating the Industry: A Deep Focus

Figuring out Film Unions: A panel curated to help you educate yourself about the top unions in the industry and how you can start working professionally on the next blockbuster movie. We’ll be joined by representatives from IATSE, DGC, ACTRA, and NABET!

Finding Your Audience: Join this panel to hear what a group of industry veterans, with many projects under their belts, say about finding your audience for your latest projects.

Interactive Gaming: Making & Distribution Licensing: A session to guide new creators throughout the ups and downs of a popular new sector with the industry; from both a creative and business perspective.

Directors Cut: An Intimate Look at the Industry

Breakfast mentoring: An opportunity for one on one connection with our experts with the power coffee. Get access to exclusive individual conversations with industry experts – each from different corners of the industry.

Music Video Panel: This event dives headfirst into the world of music synchronization featuring panel discussions, a workshop, pitch session and speed dating with industry leading professionals.

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Can’t choose? The OSCC Weekend Pass grants the holder access to every session over the conference weekend! Allowing access to the all the survival guide events + more! (Limited to 1 person per pass)

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