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The Host With The Most: John Galway

Welcome John Galway, founder of Corrib Entertainment! John will be joining the 2023 OSCC as producer and host. A winner of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Tribute Award, former president of Astral Media’s Harold Greenberg fund for project development and co-founder of the Toronto Irish Film Festival and Canadian International Television Festival. We sat down with John to discuss our upcoming industry events, the importance of film festivals and more! You can see John at all our industry events during OSCC weekend on October 20-22!

As our host you are going to be at the majority of the industry events, which one are you most excited to attend?

All of the Pitches are always so much fun to see! It is just great having people talk about their project in a competitive environment with such passion. Another interesting one is Shifting Landscapes. This is such a current issue as one of the strikes was just recently resolved but Bill C-11 is something that we still have to fully implement, so I am anxious to hear what the panel has to say.

Are there any huge trends in the Canadian film industry right now that are to be watched and kept in mind?

Canada is always impacted by worldwide trends, the move to streaming, the challenge of theatrical release and distribution has already had a large impact, and will continue to for at least in the next 5 to 10 years moving forward. Independent filmmakers are definitely coming to see this and are always moving to find solutions. The first generation of filmmakers who brought Canadian films to the world stage are now exiting the industry and it’s been exciting to see the new generation of filmmakers who are moving forwards take their place.

As someone who has been in the festival circuit for quite some time, has the role of festivals changed in recent years?

Yeah, it changed a lot around covid – many were hybrid or online which was an interesting opportunity to expand audiences. Although most are back in theatres now and it proves that people missed the in-person experience, the community of festivals and making connections with other industry folk. Film festivals allow spectators to properly see independent filmmakers’ new releases and view them as they should be experienced.

Just last year you won the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television Tribute Award. How do you think the Canadian film industry has changed within these past years; How do you see filmmakers adapting to these changes and moving forward?

I think most filmmakers will move towards various forms such as: features, television episodic and web content; and the form will be dictated by the content. I think that is so exciting for a lot of people. If you have content which is shorter or a unique narrative form, you can cater to that. Online you can reach people directly once you build a larger fan base and filmmakers are able to talk directly to audience members and I am really excited to see people take advantage of that.

Is there anything you would like to add?

The one thing I would add is my excitement about regional production or production in smaller centers. It’s been wonderful to help elevate our filmmakers through events and programs like the Leg Up Labs and the OSCC. We are really looking at building smaller production centers in areas other than Toronto; an amazing example is the amount of stories and the talent out in London – it’s really great to see!

John will be bringing all of his expertise and insights to the OSCC stage within just two weeks! John himself will be joined with fellow industry experts so get your tickets now to ensure your spot at one of our industry sessions. Can’t choose? You don’t have to, If you buy three OSCC tickets you are eligible for the $72 bundle valued at $90!