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Southwestern Ontario’s Banner Event for High School Filmmakers

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$5,000 in Prize Money!

The Forest City Youth Film Festival is a year round program where Southwestern Ontario high school filmmakers are supported and celebrated in a culminating fall event. We enhance skills and expose the talent of SWO youth while igniting a passion for film. While promoting an exceptional interdisciplinary opportunity, we will help this region to become renowned for our film talent.

FC Youth Film Fest Year-round SEMINARS

Youth Filmmaking 101 Virtual Seminars

FC Youth Film Fest Year-round SEMINARS

Youth Filmmaking 101 Virtual Seminars

Our virtual interactive seminars give high schoolers and aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of filmmaking from industry experts, student filmmakers, and post-secondary educators, with additional focus on career opportunities.

Filmmaker Resources

Why Make A Movie?

From the cultural impact of your work, to the personal and professional impact on your life, making a film is a way to channel all kinds of skills and creativity to create your unique style of storytelling.

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How Can I Make A Movie?

Filmmaking may be a challenge, but it’s never been easier than before, thanks to technology and openly available resources. Learn how you can make the most of limitations in budget, equipment, and licenses.

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Things to Consider

What are some of the common mistakes you can avoid? Who is your audience? Now that you’ve made your film, what are the ways you can screen it and use it to jumpstart your film career?

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Educators Portal

Youth Film Festival

Educators Portal

Youth Film Festival

Storytelling has the power to educate, inspire, and foster empathy across cultures and ages. Making your own film empowers you to channel your creativity. FCYFF believes in providing world-class opportunities right in our region, and has put together these resources on how you can integrate filmmaking into your curriculum.

Youth Film Festival

Team and History

Dorothy Downs, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Forest City Film Festival
Nick Scott, Manager, Forest City Youth Film Festival

Youth Film Festival Committee

Nick Scott, Manager, FCYFF
Lydia McLory, FCYFF coordinator 2020
Katie Thibert, TVDSB Visual Arts Teacher & Designer
Elyse Booth, TVDSB Communications Technology & Arts Teacher
Candace Marzano, TVDSB Communications Technology Teacher
Danny Santarella, LDCSB Communications Technology Teacher
Mark Vogelsang, OIART College professor
Joceyln Deng, TVDSB Student Coordinator
Emily Sun, LDCSB Student Coordinator


Co-founders, Laura Briscoe and Dorothy Downs first connected in 2018 to build this youth film festival. Dorothy had planned to include a youth film festival for Southwestern Ontario in FCFF since the inception of the festival. Laura was a passionate teacher looking to bring a school film festival board-wide in order to create opportunities for students to develop global competencies and empower their voices. It was a great connection and it made sense to elevate student voices to the entire region. The two gathered a committee of dedicated secondary school educators and quickly grew to include students, industry experts, and post-secondary support.

The TVDSB Community Connected Experiential Learning fund granted the Forest City Youth Film Festival assistance in its first year. This funding encourages learners to develop a deeper understanding of Ontario Curriculum, global competencies, student well-being, and career planning. This strongly impacted our launch and ability to reach students to make content accessible and inclusive. We have continued to work on the principles of accessibility and inclusivity since that time, and the foundation that TVDSB has given this festival is now proudly growing through all of Southwestern Ontario and beyond!

Experiential Learning coordinators throughout Southwestern Ontario have become interested in sharing the festival with students and educators to actively participate, reflect and apply their learning. Our education programs are now available throughout the province.

Today the festival continues to grow and inspire young minds. If you want to like to join our committee for this Youth Film Festival, please contact youthfest@forestcityfilmfest.ca