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Happy Accidents in Film

Happy Accidents in Film 2048 861 Forest City Film Festival

by Seoyeon Bae Mistakes and unexpected events happen all the time. When you are filming outside there are a lot of things that can go wrong but that doesn’t have…

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The “Bright Green Lies” of Eco-Friendly Tech

The “Bright Green Lies” of Eco-Friendly Tech 1920 1080 Forest City Film Festival
Fossil fuels are bad and green energy is good. Right? This is something that has been taken for granted since the start of the green energy movement, but is it actually true? read more

What is “Experimental Film”

What is “Experimental Film” 1000 800 Forest City Film Festival

by Asleysha Ramasamy If there was one word used to describe experimental films, it would be ‘unpredictable’. After conversations with the filmmakers selected for FCFF’s very first experimental film program,…

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The Art of Documentary Design

The Art of Documentary Design 1500 848 Forest City Film Festival
Documentary Design is the combination of many artistic choices that determine the visual aspects of a documentary, like the cinematography and graphics of the film to aid the filmmaker’s storytelling. read more

How to Attend FCFF 2021

How to Attend FCFF 2021 2560 1216 Forest City Film Festival

By Gallus McIntyre Cinephiles from Southwestern Ontario and around the world, welcome once again to the Forest City Film Festival. Despite the challenges brought about by the ongoing pandemic, the…

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It’s Festival Week!

It’s Festival Week! 326 326 Forest City Film Festival
It’s the week of the festival; all hands are on deck and ready to make this the best one yet. But how… read more