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What is Educators Portal

Teachers guide to FCFF 2020

The Educators Portal is a teaching tool designed to support the delivery of filmmaking concepts to students. Our hope is to connect educators and students with industry experts in the field of film. We want to be a part of your filmmaking process with this experiential learning opportunity.

We are also passionate about encouraging students to develop skills in the global competencies. Filmmaking is a vehicle to allow students to put into practice: problem solving, innovation, self-directed learning, collaboration, global citizenship and critical thinking skills.

Once your board has registered for the membership, you will be able to register for 4 LIVE online seminars in the style of a virtual field-trip where experts will discuss specific topics with your class and facilitate a discussion to hear their ideas. Public virtual seminar dates and recorded tutorial seminars are also available to share with your students.

The Educators Portal continues to build content. Explore careers in film, tutorial videos, copyright free audio resources, equipment purchasing suggestions and more.

Our goal is to support you and your students throughout the filmmaking process and to encourage student film submissions to the Forest City Youth Film Festival. The annual festival accepts films until June 25th each year. This year the deadline is extended to July 15. More information on the festival categories can be found on our Youth homepage. If you have any content you’d like to see on our site, or you’d like an expert to connect with your class, please reach out to us at youthfest@forestcityfilmfest.ca

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