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2023 Film Tickets

A reckoning music video with nostalgia, memories, depression, addiction and hope. The way we tend to remember things back then, versus the way they actually were and how they turned out now. The video was filmed in London and Chatham, ON. Everyone in the film is from London or currently lives in London.
Can quilting change the world? In January 2020, the RCMP killed homeless rights activist Barry Shantz at his home in Lytton, B.C. during a mental health crisis. That morning, his partner called 911 for help. What they got was an army of police officers, but not a single mental health worker. In response to this tragedy, his sister Marilyn Farquhar creates a series of art quilts titled Kairos to process her grief and share her story.
This documentary is the only evidence remaining. A Human Picture takes a look at Basic Income from the perspective of participants in a pilot program that was canceled in Hamilton, Ontario. Directors Luke Mistruzzi and Simon Brothers have been collaborating on documentary and animation for over 15 years. Their focus is often on documenting important stories about the many issues people face in society.
Drama, Horror
Young lovers, Anthony and Caroline, realize they're both harbouring a dark secret that brings them closer together. Much closer.

We’ve all been there, right? That moment when you sell your butter dish on Facebook Marketplace and end up going to a man’s house and bonding over your love for medium-rare meat.
A Part of Me takes on the indie horror scene with its narrative of a couple enabling each other’s toxic cravings. The fun oldies music and the warm lighting really sets the tone for a good time, both for the young lovers, and the viewers watching.

Filmmaker Taye Alvis exhibits memorable storytelling skills in the atmosphere, characterization, and dialogue. Jake Shannon, co-writer and main lead, and Becca Willow Moss, main lead, display incredible emotion throughout the film, but especially during all of the... eating scenes. If you enjoy the new-wave horror scene, or just generally enjoy small twists and a bit of goriness, this film is for you.

A teacher who works in remote eastern Anatolia waits to be reassigned to a teaching position in Istanbul, when he is accused of crossing boundaries with students.
Drama, LGBT2Q
Award winning. Internationally screened. Intergenerational. Queer-representation.

Adore, directed by a recent graduate of TMU’s renowned Image Arts: Film program, Beth Warrian, recently made its world premiere winning 'Best Canadian Short and Audience Award for Best Short,' at Inside Out, Vancouver and Ottawa International Film Festival.

When Bunny’s attempts to live up to her photographer father’s legacy fall flat, some unexpected guidance gives her a new outlook on her work. Created by a group of regionally-raised and resident students at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON.
How are we supposed to feel when a loved one dies? How did they feel leading up to the moment? How should I feel now that they are gone?
Andres Garzon— an Artist. New Canadian. Queer. Ex-ultra-religious. Fleeing violence in Colombia as a young child, local London artist Andres Garzon and his family found refuge in Canada, where he developed a passion for art. Struggling through the challenges of growing up as a New Canadian, developing a full-time art practice in London, Ontario, and coming out as a gay man to an ultra-religious family, Andres' story and artwork challenge and inspire us to experience our dreams in waking life.