Award winning. Internationally screened. Intergenerational. Queer-representation.

Adore, directed by a recent graduate of TMU’s renowned Image Arts: Film program, Beth Warrian, recently made its world premiere winning 'Best Canadian Short and Audience Award for Best Short,' at Inside Out, Vancouver and Ottawa International Film Festival.

This film takes an interesting take on the conventional ‘coming out narrative’ by centering intergenerational conflict between flawed characters with good intentions. Adore pits two queer Peruvian-Canadian characters, Luci; the aunt; and her beloved nephew, in such conflict.

In the short, Luci gives her beloved nephew the Christmas gift of his dreams: a beautiful sequined dress. But when he tries to show the rest of the family, Luci finds herself enacting the very restrictions and shaming she hopes to protect him from. How will the family react and how will we?

This film offers an amazing introspective experience, allowing audiences to address their own actions and biases. Come watch Adore for a phenomenal self-reflective venture! </br></br>

Screening With the Program: The Boy in the Woods :