How are we supposed to feel when a loved one dies? How did they feel leading up to the moment? How should I feel now that they are gone?

Writer and director Aj Bate, along with co-creator and producer Joe Botelho, filmed Alone to raise awareness of the importance of peace in oneself, especially in instances of suicide. Alone follows the conversation of two women as one lays mortally injured on the concrete below a bridge, asking the other not to leave so that she isn’t alone.

In creating the project, Bate drew on how others grieve. Taking inspiration from documentaries, like The Bridge, about suicide and the outcome of the act, whether on families or survivors. Bate uses the film to creatively and respectfully express that there should be no shame in grief or suicide.

Scenes cast in grey and concrete emphasize the coldness of being alone, especially in someone’s final minutes. Bate beautifully captures a last conversation and elevates it to spark discussions on bringing peace to family members struggling with suicidal thoughts.

**Content Warning for depictions of death by suicide.**

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