A Part of Me


Young lovers, Anthony and Caroline, realize they're both harbouring a dark secret that brings them closer together. Much closer.

We’ve all been there, right? That moment when you sell your butter dish on Facebook Marketplace and end up going to a man’s house and bonding over your love for medium-rare meat.

A Part of Me takes on the indie horror scene with its narrative of a couple enabling each other’s toxic cravings. The fun oldies music and the warm lighting really sets the tone for a good time, both for the young lovers, and the viewers watching.

Filmmaker Taye Alvis exhibits memorable storytelling skills in the atmosphere, characterization, and dialogue. Jake Shannon, co-writer and main lead, and Becca Willow Moss, main lead, display incredible emotion throughout the film, but especially during all of the… eating scenes. If you enjoy the new-wave horror scene, or just generally enjoy small twists and a bit of goriness, this film is for you.

Screening With the Program: Red Rooms :