Cart Narcs: Hero or Villain

Prepare for a gripping clash of principles in the world of viral sensation as Agent Sebastian, the fearless leader of the Cart Narcs, takes on the careless offenders who abandon their shopping carts in parking lots. His mission: to restore order and responsibility, one cart at a time.

But when the legendary Dr. Phil steps onto the scene and publicly reprimands Agent Sebastian in front of a global audience, the very foundation of the Cart Narcs’ crusade is thrown into turmoil. It’s a high-stakes showdown that puts their unwavering commitment to the test and leaves their mission statement hanging in the balance. Brooke Walker’s hometown is Sarnia, ON.

Screening With the Program: Shorts Bundle: Inspiring Youth :

Jello Shot

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Home Plate: Labatt Memorial Park

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The Horseman

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Blood of Ghent

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The Two of Us

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15 min | Conor Forrest
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