Giiwe: Returning Home

Follow filmmaker Taye Alvis as he looks to reconnect to his community of Walpole Island First Nation through conversation, arts, and recreation.

When CBC reached out to Alvis about writing and directing a film about his reserve, he agreed and shot the documentary in six days spanning two weeks.

This CBC Gem documentary thoughtfully demonstrates Alvis’ curiosity and wonder towards where his family comes from and how the land was part of his growing up. Alvis questions how living on or off the reserve affected him and his family and friends, and this commentary is interspersed with scenes of the biodiversity in Walpole, and a dinner cooked by many of Alvis’s family and friends.

Conversations with his grandma by the river or at the kitchen dining table pouring over photo albums about his family when they were young, illustrate the traditions they had in their community and what he hopes to keep alive and share with viewers.

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