Hey, Viktor!


25-years after the release of the indigenous independent film sensation, Smoke Signals, one of the child actors from that movie seeks to rekindle his fame by making an unauthorized sequel to the original film. Cody Lightning, who played “Little Victor” in the 1998 classic, is now a burnt out loser, living in his home town, making pro-fracking commercials and still clinging onto the fame that he tasted for a brief moment as a child. When a camera crew comes to town to film Lightning’s self-destructive behaviour for a documentary, he finds the inspiration (and the money) to get back into Hollywood.


Directed by and starring Cody Lightning, who plays an alternate version of himself (channeling Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover), Hey Viktor! Is a raunchy mockumentary comedy that hits the sweet spot between Trailer Park Boys and This is Spinal Tap. Featuring cameos from the entire original cast of Smoke Signals, as well as a hilarious appearance from Whose Line Is It Anyway? legend, Colin Mochrie, this is a film that will connect with fans of the original Smoke Signals as well as newcomers.

Hey, Viktor! Initially premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, before later playing at TIFF and ImagineNative. Smoke Signals was revolutionary when it released for being one of the first films that truly depicted the lives of indigenous people (keep in mind, it came out only a few years after Dances With Wolves won multiple Oscars). Smoke Signals was not the first film made entirely by indigenous creatives and actors, but was certainly the first indigenous film to reach a wide, international audience. Indigenous cinema has had an incredible last 20 years. We’ve seen excellent examples of historical drama (Beans and Bones of Crows), horror (Blood Quantum), science fiction (Night Raiders), fantasy (Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner) and now, Hey Viktor! arrives as the raunchiest, most foul-mouthed comedy to ever come out of the indigenous film community.

As mentioned before, fans of Trailer Park Boys or Letterkenny will be in for a serious treat with this one.