July Talk: Love Lives Here

During a time of uncertainty, music was still able to bring people together. Out of crisis comes magic.

Grappling with a global pandemic and a live music shutdown, hard touring band July Talk books the Stardust Drive-In Theatre for two nights. This film brings you closer to the artists by learning about the formation of the group, to where they are today. Watch the behind the scenes to their groundbreaking music and witness its impact on their forever growing audience.

Formed in Toronto, July-Talk is a three-time Juno Award winning band that delivers churning and physical performances at each turn. Not only do they give unforgettable performances, the band is a combination of filmmakers and performance artists. The film leaves a positive and buoyant feeling that will stay with viewers long after they leave the theater.

Brittany Farhat, director, calls London home. Having attended Fanshawe College, and now residing in Grand Bend, Brittany is bringing her impactful first feature film back to the community she loves.

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