Logging Algonquin


Algonquin Provincial park. Home to beautiful forests, rivers, campsites, indigenous communities, and logging. Filmmaker Conor DeVries takes us through a web of discovery to answer the question, "Does logging belong in our park?"

Logging, the process of cutting, processing, and moving trees off-site for further refinement, is heavily debated by environmentalists and locals of Algonquin.

Having camped and portaged in the area before, DeVries experienced the park through a new lens. Exploring the rarely seen areas of the park, he spoke with local millers, indigenous community leaders, and environmentalists to understand all the intricacies surrounding the debate.

Using drone footage to capture active logging sites on film and walking and shooting footage on foot, DeVries captures the vastness and beauty of the provincial park as well as the history and importance of its existence to the surrounding environment.

Screening With the Program: With the Wind and Wave :

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