Older Every Day


Last year’s winner of the FCFF ‘Audience Choice Award’ is back again this fall with his second feature film: Older Every Day.

In this feature, Director Ethan Hickey, born and raised in London, centers protagonist Val in the middle of a coming-of-age crisis— kicked out of college for a semester and forced to move back home with his single father. What is his purpose? What should he do with this semester off?

He finds two primary goals for himself: write the next great American novel and win back his high school girlfriend. His plans are set off course when his friend Sam suddenly passes away, leaving behind his 12-year-old brother, Charlie. With Val’s father deciding to take Charlie in and Charlie’s abusive uncle creeping into the picture—potentially adopting the 12-year-old orphan— Val realizes he needs to mature and grow up fast so that Charlie doesn’t have to.

Please note that the screening of Older Every Day on October 19th has been cancelled. Please contact us at info@forescityfilmfest.ca if you have any questions.

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