A fairy tale for adults–a poignant glimpse into elderly eviction and how small rituals can help salvage the broken pieces of a person's life.

The internationally renowned director Cailleah Scott- Grimes breathes life into another stunning film, Overgrown. Animation weaves delicately into the film to create dreamy mixed media shots. Scott-Grimes is deeply intrigued by the question of how creativity can help us find resilience when we’re at our lowest. They note that they “grew up in a family that used ritual as a way of coping with loss.

This film was inspired by an early childhood memory of hiding little objects and messages around the house when we had to leave a beloved home”. The film is an homage to the resilient senior women in the director’s life who never gave up, despite having their histories erased and their feelings and experiences ignored.

Also Screening at: Once Were Brothers

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