Red Rooms

French, English Subtitles


As the high-profile trial of a Montreal serial killer begins, Kelly-Anne, a model in her late 20s, becomes obsessed with the gruesome details of the case. As she attends the trial day after day (to the point where it begins to interfere with her career), Kelly-Anne’s paranoia grows. Reality and delusion begin to blur as Kelly-Anne learns more about “Red Rooms”; spaces on the dark web where the killer had streamed his murders.

This newest film from Pascal Plante (previously at the festival in 2020 with Nadia, Butterfly) premiered at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival this year, and later played at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, where it was awarded multiple prizes. Pascal Plante is a filmmaker who thrives on subverting expectations. Nadia Butterfly was a sport movie about what happens to athletes once their event is over. In Red Rooms, he takes the serial killer mystery and turns it on its head by putting the focus not on the killer, or on the detectives, but on average people who are maybe just a little bit too interested in the case.

True crime is an odd phenomenon. Fans of true crime become obsessed with cases, learning every detail about the crime, the victims, and the killer. Now, violent crimes have transformed into entertainment, as any murder spree is sure to one day make its way onto our Netflix front page, to be binge watched in the bathtub with a cup of tea. Some fans of true crime go a step further than this, finding sympathy, or at times adoration for the killer. Red Rooms focuses its attention on the “groupies” of a gruesome murder trial, finding a completely unique take on the crime genre. Pascal Plante’s film feels like a fresh take on films and TV shows like Mindhunter or Se7en, and features all of the thrills and chills that one might expect from those works.”

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