The Grand


Adventure takes place in our own backyards! Director Thomas Ostapchuk captures the beauty of the Grand River as it runs through cities, towns, and indigenous reserves, demonstrating to the viewer that the same type of adventure exists in our Ontarian backyard as it does for our distant B.C. neighbours.

Starting in his hometown in the Grand River Watershed, Ostapchuk takes us on his redemption trip down the Grand River. The 300 km-long trek forces Ostapchuk to meet the physical and mental demands of the rapids and isolation and come to terms with what it means to be ‘home.’

This short documentary highlights the hidden beauties of our province and exemplifies why we work with nature rather than against it. Interviewing members of the surrounding communities throughout the journey, each individual discusses their relationship with the River.

Screening With the Program: Giiwe: Returning Home :

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