The Hyperborean


A Sci-fi horror twist on the Hyperboreans, a mythical race of people who lived in the far northern part of the world.

Tony Burgess, Canadian author and screenwriter, leads the ensemble cast as Hollis Cameron, CEO and patriarch of the Cameron whiskey family. During an expedition in the Arctic, Hollis’ company discovers the wreck of a lost Arctic ghost ship, the HMS Investigator. From it they recover barrels of whiskey aged 170 years. Hollis invites his adult children to an isolated compound in the forest to sample the whiskey and announces his plan to sell it.

The film takes its time with the characters to get a sense of their dreams, motivations, and fears, particularly as they relate to the future of their father’s whiskey company. The events of that night are presented non-linearly, intercut with the family being grilled by the company’s crisis manager and lawyers. In that way, the first half of the film is like an Agatha Christie-style murder mystery, with this film’s Poirot interviewing all of the colorful characters about some grisly murders. In the second half, the murder mystery takes a Lovecraftian horror turn with the discovery of a mummified body in one of the barrels, and later that the body has been invaded by some mysterious alien force.

The Hyperborean slams together ancient myth with cosmic sci-fi horror in that way that you don’t want to miss!

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