This experimental film depicts the way in which white colonialism "warped" and instrumentalized Jesus Christ "from prophet into insatiable poltergeist" to achieve its imperial ends. A London and Tillsonburg, ON production directed by London-born Kevin Andrew Heslop.

Screening With the Program: Experimental Program :

“Manitou” – Zoon

A reckoning music video with nostalgia, memories, depression, addiction and hope. The way we tend to remember...
5 min | Trevor Blumas
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One Love

“One Love” is a collaborative and sustainable fashion short celebrating fluidity and universal love for ea...
9 min | Nahlia Loren Couto
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“Sympathy for Lilith” – Nameless Friends

Sympathy for Lilith is a female, villain origin story, told through epic prog-rock and hundreds of real-world...
6 min | Kathleen Watkins and Lydia Wilton
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Southeastern Home

A meet-cute music video that will tug at your heart-strings. From director, Danny Dunlop, a London-born filmma...
4 min | Danny Dunlop
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The Beasts

An experimental that explores the fears and harm warfare and the use of nuclear weapons has had on the world a...
7 min | Marina Issayeva
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The Fall

An experimental documentary juxtaposing the natural beauty of Niagara Falls with its colossal tourism industry...
3 min | Xavier Wehrli, Caleb Rogers
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Aaron's drowning accident haunts him. He can't enter a bath. An associative meditation on agoraphobia and PTSD...
2 min | Sean Meldrum/Gabe Meacher
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