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Mileage 418 627 Forest City Film Festival
After realizing her taxi driver was taking more than just her fare, a woman takes action! read more


Bridget 1500 2250 Forest City Film Festival
After a heated argument, Fergus learns that words have power. read more


Balloom 1200 1800 Forest City Film Festival
A clown struggles to accept the inevitable demise of his balloon animals but gains a new perspective on life thanks to those around him. read more

The Star Mill

The Star Mill 1080 1620 Forest City Film Festival
A boy and his pet owlbear learn to appreciate being in the present, while running a windmill that powers the stars at night. read more

Forest City Youth Film Festival Screening & Award Show

Forest City Youth Film Festival Screening & Award Show 150 150 Forest City Film Festival
Celebrate the immense talent of Southwestern Ontario’s youth at the 4th annual FCYFF Screening and Awards Show! Enjoy over 25 films across 7 categories from high-school filmmakers, and see who is crowned the winners! There are over $5000 in prizes to be won, including special prizes such as the Connor Kalopsis Most Enterprising Filmmaker Award and Best Overall Film! Watch live at the Wolf Performance Hall, or from the comfort of your own home! read more

Shorts Bundle: Water – Program #12

Shorts Bundle: Water – Program #12 5210 3600 Forest City Film Festival
This program is co-presented by the Water Docs Film Festival. Blood & Water, 22 minutes Layla Black, a generational survivor of residential schools, looks to reclaim her Mohawk identity. Watershed, 9 minutes A watershed moment invites an exploration of perception and the transitory nature of things. Seawolf, 9 minutes Two Indigenous men look to protect their cultural land and practices for once and for all. Up to Here, 7 minutes Desperate for alone time, a woman escapes to a meditative retreat in her mind… but finds it’s not as isolated as she’d hoped. Great Lake Stories, 12 minutes Through trial, the Great Lakes have heralded both tragedy and renewal. The Lost Seahorse, 10 minutes A stop-motion short film about a vulnerable seahorse that is swept away from his reef and must survive the dangerous journey back home. read more

Shorts Bundle: Relationships – Program #6

Shorts Bundle: Relationships – Program #6 2560 1920 Forest City Film Festival
John Muir at Trout Hollow, 22 minutes When he arrived in Canada in 1864 John Muir was searching for his future calling. The Signing, 18 minutes A father and son rekindle their love for sports collectibles as they strive for the final autograph on a unique set of hockey cards from the 1960’s. First Love, 10 minutes 13-year-old Jacob navigates a crush on a girl named Jenny. Through some romantic mishaps, Jacob sneaks out in a brave attempt to win Jenny’s heart. Lift Off, 4 minutes Ron Seaward pursues his childhood dream of becoming an airline pilot. Caterpillar Soup, 6 minutes Inside a caterpillar’s cocoon waits a psychedelic world where they can discover their ideal self– but they soon discover that choosing an identity is complicated. In the Backseat, 7 minutes During a not-so-intimate date night in his parent’s car, an underachieving 30-year-old attempts to win back his long-term girlfriend. Alfie, 12 minutes After discovering an abandoned house, cousins Alfie and Julia, begin a journey of self-exploration where Alfie starts to push the boundaries of binary gender expression. read more

Shorts Bundle: Things People Do – Program #3

Shorts Bundle: Things People Do – Program #3 1920 1080 Forest City Film Festival
Stitched Glass, 21 minutes Artist Kirk Dunn launches his tapestry piece as he grapples with the intersection of artistic commitment and religion. Band Society, 12 minutes Band Society is a documentary about the lives of local musicians being apart of a band, unknown and underground, their success is to play. Roots of Lacrosse, 23 minutes Provides a brief history of the sacred and cultural aspects of this sport, originally played for the Creator, as well as for the health and welfare of the people. The Show Must Go On, 14 minutes After COVID shut down Canada’s theatrescape, a Fanshawe program is determined to perform again. Something Behind, 15 minutes A profile of actor and musician, Randy Hughson, who performs as a handyman after COVID shuts down his industry. Big Little Show, 8 minutes A playwright must find a way to overcome producer rejection by producing her play on her own in a small-but-mighty way. For the Birds, 13 minutes Join Canadian impov artists Deb McGrath and Colin Mochrie encounter fellow performers in search of an audience. read more

Make Believe

Make Believe 2549 2549 Forest City Film Festival
A young artist lives with magical creatures. He creates a book based upon them and finds success, but that success comes at a cost. read more

Big Little Show

Big Little Show 1707 2560 Forest City Film Festival
A playwright must find a way to overcome producer rejection by producing her play on her own in a small-but-mighty way. read more