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Experimental Film

three movements

three movements 5184 6912 Forest City Film Festival
three movements. explodes domesticity and intimate partner violence through its interpretation of three of the most challenging, intelligent, and unapologetic feminist texts in the language. read more


One 1080 1080 Forest City Film Festival
A sustainable fashion environmental short collaborating Indigenous and non-Indigenous filmmakers and designers intrepeting the book “One = People + Planet”. read more


movements³ 750 1000 Forest City Film Festival
Movements³ interprets a suite of poems by Síle Englert, Shane Neilson, and Sachiko Murakami in visual culture. read more


Haruspex 1728 2560 Forest City Film Festival
A despondent chef decides to use his internal organs as ingredients to satisfy never ending customers. read more

Searching For Godot

Searching For Godot 1978 2560 Forest City Film Festival
Faced with a continually empty canvas, an artist desperately tries to look for inspiration. read more

You Knew It Was Me

You Knew It Was Me 1728 2560 Forest City Film Festival
A dancer struggles with the reality of rehabilitation after a car accident dramatically changes her life. read more

Forest City Youth Film Festival Screening & Award Show

Forest City Youth Film Festival Screening & Award Show 150 150 Forest City Film Festival
Celebrate the immense talent of Southwestern Ontario’s youth at the 4th annual FCYFF Screening and Awards Show! Enjoy over 25 films across 7 categories from high-school filmmakers, and see who is crowned the winners! There are over $5000 in prizes to be won, including special prizes such as the Connor Kalopsis Most Enterprising Filmmaker Award and Best Overall Film! Watch live at the Wolf Performance Hall, or from the comfort of your own home! read more

Experimental Film Bundle – Program #25

Experimental Film Bundle – Program #25 1920 782 Forest City Film Festival
Plot M/Site A, 7 minutes A study of some monuments related to the early history of nuclear age in Illinois. Marat Minus 1, 1 minute Part of a video series in a meditation on the relationship between suicide and capitalism. Thought Cabinet, 8 minutes An experimental short about a man who, literally trapped in his own mind, is forced to confront his most disturbing fantasies. Inferno, 3 minutes A suffering soul decides to travel into an uncertain darkness. Continuum, 4 minutes A young woman who is overwhelmed by societal pressures breaks free of a simulated existence and opens herself to the full breadth of life. Atonal, 16 minutes A film poem about the mysterious relationship between music Atonality and Male Asexuality. Courted, 7 minutes Imogen Clendinning’s latest found footage video-work utilized ripped clips from other films to explore various media representations of femininity. From Scratch, 13 minutes The transmission and deterioration of matrilineal traditions over time are traced through images of domesticity and the physical manipulation and destruction of celluloid with thread. read more

Experimental Film Bundle – Program #19

Experimental Film Bundle – Program #19 1080 720 Forest City Film Festival
TEKAHIONWAKE, 20 minutes A short film on the life of E.Pauline Johnson, a champion of those who had no voice during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Dearest, 3 minutes Part of a video series that use material such as stock footage, found text, found sound and popular moving image conventions to meditate on the relation between suicide and capitalism. International Dawn Chorus Day, 15 minutes Birds from around the world gossip on a zoom call about the prison-related deaths of queer Egyptian artist/activists Sarah Hagazi and Shady Habash. Projections, 2 minutes An experimental animation which blends 20th century archival footage with newly captured media to produce a chimeric digital collage. What You Are Out Here For, 18 minutes The open-ended and coming of age beginnings of a day tripper take us from ladders to subways, from subways into tunnels of abstract expressionism, and finally into a series of far flung locales in outer realms. Monologue Harmonic, 6 minutes A paradoxical visual and sonic offering speaking in part from legend, despotic visions, collective cultural analysis and individual repeal. read more

Mappe Of: The Isle of Ailynn – Program #11

Mappe Of: The Isle of Ailynn – Program #11 600 900 Forest City Film Festival
Mappe Of: The Isle of Ailynn, 44 minutes The Isle of Ailynn is a long play musical visual journey created entriely inside of Virtual Reality. read more