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Feature Documentary

Rebel Angel

Rebel Angel 696 900 Forest City Film Festival
Through the prism of evanescent cultural figure Ross Woodman’s fascinating, deeply troubled life, Rebel Angel explores the dynamic between creativity and madness in movies, poetry and art. read more

Lessons In Temperament

Lessons In Temperament 1000 1481 Forest City Film Festival
The story of four neurodiverse brothers, told through the cinematic escape into the art and science of piano tuning read more

The Long Rider

The Long Rider 1693 2501 Forest City Film Festival
An aspiring journalist sets out on an epic quest to return home – a history-making odyssey covering over 25,000 kilometres and crossing 12 international borders. When the road is as long as Felipe’s, there are bound to be some bumps. read more

The Beautiful Scars of Tom Wilson

The Beautiful Scars of Tom Wilson 807 1012 Forest City Film Festival
A remarkable point-of-view story of musician Tom Wilson who, after a lifetime of searching, finally discovers his true identity. From his mysterious upbringing, self-destructive music career, to his life as a Mohawk man. read more

Don’t Come Searching

Don’t Come Searching 540 720 Forest City Film Festival
The profoundly moving story of Sophia’s fight for the strength to face the future and care for her family following her partner’s cancer diagnosis. read more

The Smallest Steps

The Smallest Steps 1707 2560 Forest City Film Festival
Four budding activists battle personal and political barriers to find their voice in the movement to end violence against women while veteran activists provide historical context. read more

Catwalk 2: The Comeback Cats

Catwalk 2: The Comeback Cats 2149 3321 Forest City Film Festival
Members of the cat community are enjoying their newfound fame, following their appearance in the first Catwalk documentary. As the film becomes an internet sensation, however, shocking allegations emerge about one of the hobby’s most prominent members. Double the drama, double the cat hair! read more

The Gig is Up, with Chokablok – Program #26

The Gig is Up, with Chokablok – Program #26 2354 1214 Forest City Film Festival
Chokablok, 19 minutes A surreal exploration of our obsession with achievement and the perpetual anxiety of trying to keep up. The Gig is Up, 1 hour 28 minutes Shines light on the millions of workers finding tasks online through the behind-the-screen world of AI. read more

Workhorse, with Track to the Future – Program #24

Workhorse, with Track to the Future – Program #24 150 150 Forest City Film Festival
Track to the Future, 12 minutes Follow a group of muralists as they present a bright future to the historic walls of St. Thomas, Ontario Workhorse, 1 hour 22 minutes Workhorse follows three humans whose work and lives are deeply connected with their stoic equine partners. read more

Grey Roads, with 1492 Land Back Lane – Program #21

Grey Roads, with 1492 Land Back Lane – Program #21 2560 1440 Forest City Film Festival
1492 Land Back Lane, 8 minutes A group of community members from the Six Nations Community occupies a piece of land that has been stolen while fighting for their rights. Grey Roads, 1 hour 22 minutes A filmmaker returns to his hometown to document the dissolution of a small rural town while trying to reconnect with his only family left in town, his father and grandfather. read more