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Short Films


Burden 500 750 Forest City Film Festival
A recovering alcoholic rekindles a relationship with the ex-girlfriend of the man that he and his brother killed in a drunk driving accident half a decade ago. read more

Like Them

Like Them 1810 2560 Forest City Film Festival
Will’s job interview way up north becomes an impromptu road trip when Emma invites Oliver to tag along. read more

Once upon a Time in the Bay

Once upon a Time in the Bay 1080 1080 Forest City Film Festival
Two LGBTQ+ Indigenous friends in a overwhelmingly straight New Zealand beach-town search desperately for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – gay people. read more

I’m Not a Robot

I’m Not a Robot 810 1200 Forest City Film Festival
After failing an online “CAPTCHA” test while logging onto a website, Max faces an existential crisis– might he actually be a robot? read more


Waves 1101 1701 Forest City Film Festival
A grieving man falls in love with his wife from the past after they discover they can communicate through one of her radios. read more

In These Parts

In These Parts 501 800 Forest City Film Festival
A man struggles to get the woman he loves off his mind. read more


Benevolent 540 800 Forest City Film Festival
When two post-grad best-friends reunite, bitter truths emerge, threatening to tear their friendship apart. read more

Rent Do

Rent Do 666 1000 Forest City Film Festival
When three roommates are unceremoniously fired on the same day, one of them takes drastic steps to pay their rent, forcing all three into hiding. read more

Artificial Life

Artificial Life 420 623 Forest City Film Festival
Lucy, a young actor, loses a job to a computer-generated actor. Playful, fun, and a bit sad, Lucy’s story asks—can the arts be replaced by AI? read more


Sarah 1656 2560 Forest City Film Festival
An abstract portrait, based on a true story, of a young woman experiencing homelessness on the streets of Hamilton, Ontario. read more