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Date Thursday, October 20
Time 3:00 PM
Venue Imagine Cinemas

All that Breathes

All that Breathes 1000 1516 Forest City Film Festival

Environmentalism, Feature Documentary, Best of the World Fests

Shaunak Sen’s All That Breathes is more than just a film about Delhi’s air pollution, it’s a deeply poetic documentary that asks the audience to reconsider humanity’s place in the world, and our impact on natural ecosystems. Following two Muslim brothers who face oppression and prejudice every day, All That Breathes preaches equality and acceptance. We all breathe the same air, so don’t we all deserve the same kindness? This uniquely cinematic documentary shoots its subjects with an eye for composition that feels unlike anything else being done in non-fiction.


Shaunak Sen


Teddy Leifer, Aman Mann, Shaunak Sen

Starring Salik Tehman, Mohammad Saud, Nadeem Shehzad
World Fest Premiere & Awards India
Sundance – Grand Jury Prize, World Documentary
Cannes Out of Competition – Golden Eye (Best Documentary)
Runtime 97 minutes