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Atonal 150 150 Forest City Film Festival

Description: A film poem about the mysterious relationship between music Atonality and Male Asexuality. I wanted to continue with my quest for arranging mysteries. Atonal music has been my passion for many years. Asexuality is a subject that I have been studying and reading for some time. I wanted to create a liberation among the two. Both intrinsically misunderstood and judged. The lead “character” is in constant meditation, moving from one atmosphere to another. His reflection is an account of philosophical and societal reflections about how he sees the world, his life and how he thinks he’s perceived. The entrance is deliberately structured and so is the exit. In the end, we are awake, we sleep, we walk and we dream.

SWO Connection: I have been a few times in London, every time i was passing by and i thought that it was an inspiration for a loner. Maybe it was too dark, too cold, too empty when i passed but that was inspiring for the project.

Running Time: 16 minutes