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Date Sunday, October 23
Time 12:30 PM
Venue Wolf Performance Hall


Busker 1707 2560 Forest City Film Festival

Drama, Short Narrative, In Competition

A traveling street busker decides to leave life on the road and starts to say goodbye to people he met in the past time…


Alex “Cosmo” Lutz


Alex “Cosmo” Lutz, Teo Jara Taboada

Starring Luke Sykes; Dorien von Tol; Scott Williams; Jim Ewens; Dean Farrelly; James Bryce
Southwestern Ontario Connection Busker was filmed, directed, edited and produced by a Sarnia, Ontario native. The director, Cosmo, graduated from Fanshawe’s AFM program in 2020. Sound design was also done by Chris Ma, from Burlington, Ontario who graduated from Fanshawe’s APP program in 2020.
Runtime 19 minutes