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Date Saturday, October 22
Time 10:15 AM
Venue Wolf Performance Hall

Embers in the Forest

Embers in the Forest 2000 2500 Forest City Film Festival

Activism, Short Documentary, In Competition

A collection of stories highlighting Muslim Londoners’ experiences of discrimination and Islamophobia in the wake of a deadly attack on members of their community.


Hasan Barzak, Rami Jamalallil


Hasan Barzak, Rami Jamalallil

Southwestern Ontario Connection On June 6th, 2021 four members of a London Muslim family were brutally murdered in an act of terror. As Muslim London Ontario natives, directors and producers Rami and Hasan were distraught by the countless examples of discrimination and Islamophobia found in their community.
Runtime 8 minutes
Content Warnings Islamophobia