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Girl Of My Dreams

Girl Of My Dreams 350 482 Forest City Film Festival

Synopsis: Told through personal photos, home videos, and original music, Girl of My Dreams is a true account of “unexplained” infertility and a very unexpected outcome.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Girl of My Dreams was written, produced and directed in London, Ontario. It contains personal/family footage and stills taken in London, Lambeth, and Bayfield between 1992 and 2018. The music for the film was composed and recorded locally in 1996-1998 by Kari Townsend and produced by Juno award winner Dan Brodbeck.

Points of Interest: Girl of my Dreams was originally a private gift to my daughter in hopes that it would help her understand how deeply she is loved and how profoundly she changed my life. However, upon seeing the film, my daughter (12 years old at the time) suggested I share the film with others so that its message of hope, perseverance and love could offer comfort and encouragement to others. The response has been incredible. I have received messages from so many hopeful parents, adoptive parents and adopted adults – all of whom have expressed thanks for the meaningfulness of the film’s message. This has been the greatest reward.