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Icons Of Soul

Icons Of Soul 350 482 Forest City Film Festival

Synopsis: Through the art of musical collaboration, Icons Of Soul investigates the process by which Lamont Dozier, a giant of Motown, created and delivered legendary songs and monster hit records.

Southwestern Ontario connection: Co-stars and writing partners Arun Chaturvedi and Luke McMaster live in Southwestern Ontario, as does the director George Tsioutsioulas . Being close to Detroit, there is a really strong connection to Motown that tugged at the musicians’ heartstrings and led them to Lamont Dozier.

Points of Interest: Before Icons Of Soul, there was no real documentary of note about Lamont Dozier. Along with Smokey Robinson and Barrie Gordie, he was one of the architects of the Motown sound and his story and talent are spellbinding.