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Monologue Harmonic

Monologue Harmonic 2560 1876 Forest City Film Festival

Description: Monologue Harmonic is a seemingly paradoxical visual and sonic offering speaking in part from legend, despotic visions, collective cultural analysis and individual repeal. Featuring two distinct and intrinsically connected worlds we witness a spiritual journey so thinly tethered to life familiar, being lured by dark matters towards total disconnect. This journey mirrors a reality not unlike Indigenous current experience with respect to constant colonial resistance; where coming to terms with lost cultural distinction is fast becoming the new culture, of today/tomorrow.

SWO Connection: The director, Writer, Producer, all the cast and crew live and work in southwestern Ontario namely Six Nations of the Grand River, Hamilton, Kitchener, Brampton and Brantford. Two locations within the film include Six Nations of the Grand River and Hamilton Ontario.

Running Time: 6 minutes