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Date Saturday, October 22nd
Time 7:30PM
Venue 100 Kellogg Lane


Monsters 1622 1079 Forest City Film Festival

Folk, Music Video, In Competition

Monsters weaves a tale of both literal and metaphorical shadows. This song is about the untold stories that shape us but stay hidden until their inevitable journey to the surface. As adults we have a desire to look away from what we can’t quite make sense of. This song beckons us to stop ignoring and welcome the shadows.

Musical Artist

The Pairs


Renee Coughlin, Hillary Watson, Noelle Coughlin


Renee Coughlin, Hillary Watson, Noelle Coughlin

Southwestern Ontario Connection The three front-women of The Pairs were born and raised in London, Ontario and continue to call the city home.
Runtime 3 minutes
Content Warnings N/A