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My Soul to Take

My Soul to Take 608 900 Forest City Film Festival

Description: In a whimsically haunting short film, My Soul to Take visits a lonely woman as she unlocks a world in a dreamlike trance. Surrounded by childhood memories and delicate antiques, her warm dream twists into a terrifying nightmare.

Quinn suffers from what many of us do: she has become accustomed to relying on technology for all of her needs. Her social life, her entertainment, and her validation. And it’s killing her. When technology, societal pressures, and quick fixes collide, Quinn realizes all too late that she is no longer in the driver’s seat of her life.

SWO Connection: Producer Jessica Petelle resides in Bayfield, Ontario and the project was conceived and crafted while Laura Vandervoort and Jessica Petelle were working together on TRIGGER POINT in Bayfield.

Running Time: 13 minutes

Screening Time: October 20th at 7:30PM
Location: Wolf Performance Hall | 251 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 6H64