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Date Monday, October 17
Time 3:30 PM
Venue Wolf Performance Hall

Our Highest Priority

Our Highest Priority 601 800 Forest City Film Festival

Drama, Short Narrative, In Competition

Bailey, a mentally ill undergrad at Pennbrook University, does her best to navigate her school’s underfunded mental health support network in a desperate search for help.


Daniel Karan, Emma Macklin


Kristen Walsh

Starring Sheridan Irwin, Max Kobetich, Sarah Walker, Steven Hobé, Tanya Hunte, Hannibal Chaabouni, Marko Bagaric, Derek Ho
Southwestern Ontario Connection Our producer, Kristen, grew up in Seaforth Ontario and moved to London in 2014. She now spends her time living in both London and Toronto, as an independent producer of short films and documentaries
Runtime 10 minutes
Content Warnings Emetophobia, implied self-harm